Hearing Request

Traffic Civil Infraction Pre-Hearing Conference Request

You may request a Pre-Hearing Conference with a representative from the Sheriff's Department for the purpose of reaching a plea agreement.  The deputy who issued your ticket will not be subpoenaed to appear. At the conference, you and a deputy representative will have the opportunity to discuss plea options, which may include a reduction in points.  If you are unable to reach a plea agreement for any reason, you will still have the opportunity to deny responsibility for the charge and proceed to either an informal or formal hearing. Please note that if you decide to request such a hearing, it will be on a subsequent date, not on the same day as your Pre-Hearing Conference.

Pre-Hearing Conference requests are available for civil infractions only. Formal hearings must be scheduled by contacting the Traffic Division at 248-758-3878. Please do not contact the Court or send in your copy of the signed ticket once your online request is submitted. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your request has been received. If you do not receive the confirmation within one business day, contact the Court to schedule your hearing. Within two weeks of your submission you will receive notice of your Pre-Hearing Conference date by US mail. 

‚ÄčTo request a Pre-Hearing Conference, please email courtrequests@pontiac.mi.us the requested information and include your full name, your ticket number, the date the ticket was issued, the address that appears on the ticket, the mailing address where the notice should be sent, and a contact phone number.