Community Service

​Community service work may be done at non-profit organizations with court approval. If you have any questions regarding the community service program, please contact your Probation Officer immediately.

  • Community service work must be done at an Authorized Non-Profit Agency. No credit will be given if the agency does not have a 501 (C3) Tax Identification Number.
  • In order to keep accurate count of the community service hours worked, you must keep track of your hours worked along with your supervisor. Make sure to sign in and out every time you do community service in order to receive credit for time worked.
  • Credit will only be given for work that is completed to the agency's satisfaction.
  • After you have completed your hours, you must obtain a letter of verification on agency's letterhead stationary. The letter must be signed by your supervisor and include the dates and the number of hours worked.
  • On days that you cannot report to work, telephone your supervisor before your work starting time and advise your supervisor of the problem.
  • Never show up to your agency under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • If you do not comply with any one of the above rules, your Probation Officer will be notified and you may be ordered back to court for a Violation Hearing.

Non-Profit Agencies

If a judge orders you to complete community service hours at a specific agency, you must complete all your hours at that agency. Requesting any changes to the judge's order for completing community service must be submitted in writing to the judge for prior approval. All community service hours must be completed at a non-profit agency unless otherwise specified by the judge.

Once you have complete the community service hours ordered by the judge, it is your responsibility to have verification written on the agency's letterhead/stationary and  sent to your assigned probation officer at 48th District Court in a timely manner.