Adjournment Procedure

Requests for adjournments are discouraged, but will be considered for good cause. An adjournment request received less than 48 hours before the scheduled proceeding will not be considered unless there is a verifiable emergency.

To request an adjournment, a defense attorney or prosecutor must contact the opposing party to gain consent to adjourn the proceeding. The requesting party must then file a stipulation and order with the Court that also includes a reason for the request to adjourn the proceeding.  

Pro per defendants who wish to request an adjournment must contact the prosecutor to obtain consent for an adjournment. The defendant must then file a request in writing to the Court that includes a reason for the request to adjourn the proceeding, along with a statement that consent from the prosecutor has or has not been obtained.

It is the responsibility of the requesting party to confirm whether a request to adjourn a proceeding was granted or denied by contacting the Criminal Division (248-686-5148).