Civil Infraction - Civil infraction tickets are non-criminal and not punishable with incarceration. Common civil infraction tickets received by the court include: Speeding, No Proof of Insurance, No Proof of Registration, Improper Lane Use and Careless Driving.

Misdemeanor - Offenses punishable by fine or imprisonment not exceeding one year, or both. Operating While Intoxicated, Driving While License Suspended (DWLS), Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence and Possession of Marijuana are examples of misdemeanor offenses handled at the district court.

Felony - The most serious category of criminal offenses punishable by more than one year incarceration. Initial stages of arraignment and preliminary examination are held in district court. Felony cases may be bound over to the Oakland County Circuit Court for trial proceedings.

Bond - Money posted to assure the appearance of the defendant in court. Bond conditions may be ordered as a condition of bond such as no alcohol and no driving.

Cost of Prosecution - Money to be paid by the defendant for costs incurred by the arresting police agency.
Restitution - Money ordered by the judge to be paid to a victim on a case. The defendant pays the court and the court disburses the money to the victim.