48th District Court

State of Emergency Procedure

For the protection of all during this pandemic, the 48th District Court is open for essential business only. All proceedings are adjourned until or after April 23, 2020, except for criminal cases involving defendants who are in custody or any other case the Court deems essential. If your case is deemed essential, you will be notified by the Court. Walk-in arraignments will not be handled at this time.

All documents, pleadings, signed-waivable tickets or any other filings may only be submitted by mail or deposited in the Court's drop box located at the front entrance of the Courthouse.


 ADA Assistance

Hearing Impaired
Reserve a receiver and transmitter in advance of scheduled court date. Request for Reasonable Accommodations and Response; Grievance Procedure

ADA Coordinator
Louise Patton

PLEASE PAY ONLINE to minimize exposure to the Coronavirus. Payments made after 4:00 p.m. are posted on the next business day. Please print and retain your payment confirmation.