Admitting Responsibility with an Explanation
Oakland County, MichiganCourts52nd District Court Division 4Admitting Responsibility with an Explanation

Admitting Responsibility with an Explanation

Respondent may admit responsibility with an explanation. The explanation must be presented in writing to the Magistrate. 

Upon receipt of the explanation, the Magistrate will make a determination of the appropriate disposition or set the matter for an Informal Hearing. The Magistrate may adjust the fine, but may not reduce the charge. Additionally, the Magistrate does not have the authority to reduce the points assessed by the Secretary of State.

If you circle this option and do not include an explanation, then you will be scheduled for an Informal Hearing before the Magistrate. The Court date for the Informal Hearing will be sent to you by mail within two weeks.

Respondents may request an Informal Hearing online.