52-4 Court Statistics

52-4 Court Statistics

Here are some facts about the 4th Division of the 52nd District Court.

  • Became a District Court November 1st,1978
  • 2 Judges
    William E. Bolle - 6yr term started 1/1/03
    Kirsten Nielsen Hartig - 6yr term started 1/1/11
  • 2 Part-Time Magistrates
    Magistrates handle arraignments, small claims, informal hearings, setting bond, and performing marriages.
  • 4 Full-Time, 1 Part-Time Probation Officer and 22 Volunteers
    Patricia Bates is the supervisor of the probation department.  She has been a probation officer for 5 1/2 years.  She oversees the probation department, hiring/firing of probation officers, disciplinary action, and other daily activities.
  • Court Administrator is B. Jill Palulian
    Mrs. Palulian began her career with the 52nd District Court in 1969. She oversees the 52-4 Clerk's Office and Probation Department. She manages all administrative functions including: Case Processing, Personnel, Fiscal & Facilities, Research and Planning, Caseflow, Jury Utilization, Security, Records and Information Systems.

    Mrs. Palulian is additionally responsible for reviewing new court rules, statutes and laws impacting the Court's procedures.

    The Court Administrator is considered the Clerk of the court. There are additional personnel who serve as Court Clerks who work in the court assisting the public, processing paperwork and performing various other State mandated tasks.


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