Deny Responsibility

Deny Responsibility

To deny responsibility and receive a court date, sign the back of the ticket anywhere in the "deny responsibility" section and circle the words "deny responsibility."

You must either mail or bring a copy of the ticket to the Court within 14 days of the issuance of the ticket or click here to submit an Online Hearing Request. You will then be scheduled for an Informal Hearing in front of the Magistrate. A notice of the Informal Hearing date will be mailed to you and the police officer within approximately two (2) months.


An Informal Hearing is held in front of the Magistrate with you and the police officer that wrote the citation.  Neither you nor the officer may have an attorney present. When you deny responsibility, you will automatically be set for an Informal Hearing.

If you prefer, you may request a Formal Hearing instead of an Informal Hearing. If you request a Formal Hearing, you will appear before a judge instead of a Magistrate, and the prosecutor or city attorney will represent the police officer. You may also have an attorney represent you. 

To request a Formal Hearing, write the words "Formal Hearing" on the back of the ticket in addition to signing the ticket and circling the words "deny responsibility."