52-1 Probation Department

52-1 Probation Department

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Probation, which is granted by the judge, is a sentence that allows the offender to live in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. The 1st Division of the 52nd District Court has a Chief Probation Officer as well as ten additional probation officers that each carry a caseload of 200 to 300 people. Finally, each probation officer is assigned a special program that requires working with the judges and key individuals within the community.

Community Court Programs 

Sentencing Programs and Conditions
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​Sue Garrett - Director of Probation   248-305-6071​ ​ garretts@oakgov.com
David Campbell​   248-305-6451  campbelld@oakgov.com
Carol Dantes​   248-305-5581​  dantesc@oakgov.com​
​Lauryn Ferro   248-305-9881​  ferrol@oakgov.com​
Dale Gray​   248-305-6148​  grayd@oakgov.com​
Jennifer Huettner​   248-305-6125​  huettnerj@oakgov.com​
Adam Hussey​   248-305-5820​  husseya@oakgov.com​
Julie Josselyn​   248-305-6149​  ​josselynj@oakgov.com
Andrea Kot​   248-305-6455​  kota@oakgov.com​
Tyler Kolomyski​   248-305-7033​  kolomyskit@oakgov.com​
Robert Luke​   248-305-6450​  luker@oakgov.com​
Mike McGlown​   248-305-6146​  mcglownm@oakgov.com​
Eric Noll​   248-305-6453​  nolle@oakgov.com​
Dawn Widman​ ​  248-305-6124  widmand@oakgov.com​
Dawn Williams​   248-305-5184​  williamsd​l@oakgov.com