52nd District Court - 1st Division
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52nd District Court - 1st Division

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The 52nd District Court - 1st Division has three judgesRobert Bondy, Travis Reeds, and David Law; and a support staff of over 50 full and part-time employees. The court is comprised of five divisions including:
  • Administration
  • Civil Division handles cases that involve money or damage claims, and landlord/tenant disputes.
  • Criminal Division processes paperwork from police departments, state law and ordinance prosecutors. Cases involve misdemeanor offenses, both traffic and non-traffic.
  • Probation Division conducts pre-sentence investigations, alcohol assessments, probation supervision, and probation violation hearings.
  • Ticket Division deals with citations written by police departments. 
Language Access Plan
In accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2013-8, the 52nd District Court has established a Language Access Plan which can be reviewedhere. If language interpretation services are needed, please contact the court at 248-305-6460.

In accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2014-25, the 52nd District Court has established a Videoconferencing procedure.
  • To review specific system software/licensing requirements, click here.
  • To make a request for a video conference at 52/1 District Court (Novi), please click here.

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