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52/1 District Court

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The 52nd District Court - 1st Division has three judgesRobert Bondy, Travis Reeds, and David Law; and a support staff of over 50 full and part-time employees. The court is comprised of five divisions including:
  • Administration
  • Civil Division handles cases that involve money or damage claims, and landlord/tenant disputes.
  • Criminal Division processes paperwork from police departments, state law and ordinance prosecutors. Cases involve misdemeanor offenses, both traffic and non-traffic.
  • Probation Division conducts pre-sentence investigations, alcohol assessments, probation supervision, and probation violation hearings.
  • Ticket Division deals with citations written by police departments. 
ADA Accommodations
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, 52/1 District Court invites individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations to participate in court hearings or other court business to complete the Request for Accommodations Form and file it with the court as soon as possible to avoid delays. ADA Coordinator: Alexandra Black - 248-305-6460.
Please clickhere to review the ADA Grievance Procedure document.

Language Access Plan
In accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2013-8, the 52nd District Court has established a Language Access Plan which can be reviewedhere. If language interpretation services are needed, please contact the coordinator, Paula Hummel -  248-305-6460.

In accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2014-25, the 52nd District Court has established a Videoconferencing procedure.
  • To review specific system software/licensing requirements, click here.
  • To make a request for a video conference at 52/1 District Court (Novi), please click here.
Access, Inspection, Reproduction, and Creation of Court Records
Click here to review AO2015-01.

Local Administrative Orders
Click here to access links to all active 52nd District Court Administrative Orders.


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