Speeding Fines

Speeding Fines

Please read both sides of the citation carefully.

If you admit responsibility, determine the amount due for the violation. To confirm the fines and costs due or if the offense amount is not on the citation, contact the Traffic Division at 248-647-1141 ext. 150.

Methods of Payments

Accident, Late Payment or Failure to Respond:

  • Accident: If the violation resulted in an accident, add $45 to the total fine.

  • Late Payment: If the violation is not paid within 14 days, add $45 to the fine.

  • Failure to Respond: Failure to respond to a citation may result in a suspension of driving privileges, $45 added to the fine and a possible bench warrant plus additional costs.

Fines are subject to change. It is important to pay the correct fines and fees to avoid a Failure to Respond action.