Driving Fines

Driving Fines

Please read both sides of the citation carefully.

To admit responsibility:

  • Determine the amount due by contacting the Traffic Division at 248-647-1141 ext.150.
  • If the citation notes an accident, an additional $45 accident fee will apply to the violation.
  • The fine schedule is subject to change without notice.
  • The fine schedule applies to payments made prior to court appearance.
  • To pay, click on Methods of Payment.

Dispute responsibility:

  • Contact the Court within 14 days to schedule a hearing. If you do not contact the Court within 14 days, the violation will be due within 14 days.

Late Payment:

  • If violation is not paid within 14 days, a $45 late fee will be added.

Court Mandatory (CM):

  • Appear in court on the date and time indicated on the ticket.

Failure to Respond:

  • May result in a Suspension of driving privileges, additional $45 fine and a bench warrant with additional costs.