Probation Officers

Probation Officers

The 48th District Court employs four full-time probation officers and four probation deputy clerks to manage hundreds of probationers and case files. In addition, several volunteer probation officers assist in case management.

Reporting and non-reporting cases are determined by the judge assigned to the case and what type of monitoring is necessary based on various factors.

The Probation Department is available between 8:30 to 4:30, Monday thru Friday. Please check the Holiday Schedule for dates that the Probation Department is closed. You may contact the Probation Department at the following:

Probation Department 
Front Desk: 248-647-1141 (Option #4)
Probation Fax: 248-647-4357 (email:

Mary Ellen Davis (ext. 374) (email:
Probation Officer for Judge Diane D'Agostini's reporting cases

Stacie Mastako (ext. 387) (email:
Probation Officer for Judge Kimberly Small's reporting cases

Yvette Reid (ext. 368) (email:
Probation Officer for Judge Marc Barron's reporting cases

Jaclyn Hemphill (ext. 370) (email:
Probation Officer for write-in reporting and non-reporting cases