48th District Court Juror Information
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48th District Court Juror Information

Gavel ImageJury Selection:
If you receive a summons to appear for jury duty, you will be required to report to the 48th District Court, 4280 Telegraph Road, Michigan 48302 (MAP). The summons will state the scheduled date and time you will be required to appear for the jury selection process. Please mark the date on your calendar and advise your employer that you have been called for jury duty.

To contact the court in regards to jury duty, call (248) 647-1141 and select Option 1. 

Why we need you as a Juror:

Being a Juror is a vital part of our justice system. It is the duty of each American citizen to serve jury duty when called. It is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. Just as you would want to have a fair and equitable jury for yourself or someone you love, every other citizen is entitled to the same. Your participation in our legal system as a juror is the cornerstone of our justice system.

How a Jury is chosen for a Jury Trial:
Each prospective juror is chosen from a blind draw. Each prospective juror is then interviewed by the attorneys or the judge to determine if they will be chosen as a juror.

Responsibilities of a juror:

  • Bring your summons with you
  • Be on time
  • Dress appropriately (no jeans, shorts nor inappropriate clothing)
  • No picture phone, cameras, or recording devices are allowed in the Court
  • All cell phones must be turned off during court
  • Know your mileage from your residence to the court
  • Arrange for your own child care during your jury term
  • Arrange for your transportation to and from jury duty

Juror Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Trial Jurors' Handbook