Criminal Division Adjournment Procedure
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Criminal Division Adjournment Procedure

​​​Request for an adjournment is discouraged, but will be considered for good cause. An adjournment request received within 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing date will not be granted unless there is a verifiable emergency.

To request an adjournment of a proceeding, file a Stipulation and Order for Adjournment MC 309 either by mail or by fax to the attention of the Judge's Criminal Clerk. If you fax the form, do not also mail the form. Form MC 309 will be rejected if not complete, not signed and dated by both parties to the case. The plaintiff on a criminal case is the prosecutor or city attorney.

If the request to adjourn a case is not granted, the criminal clerk will notify the defense attorney or defendant by mail or by telephone. If the request to adjourn the case is pending and it is less than 24 hours before the scheduled court date, it is important to contact the Criminal Department  to confirm the status of your request.

Probation Violation:

 If you request an adjournment of a Probation Violation Hearing, you must submit a written request to the probation officer  assigned to your case with the reason for the request to adjourn the hearing.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Contact the Court to verify if the adjournment was granted.