Judicial Staff

Judicial Staff

​​Main Phone:      (248) 647-1141
Main Fax:           (248) 647-8955
Fax by email:     fax@48thdc.us

Do not email zip files or attachment without contacting the recipient prior. Unexpected attachments will not be opened. Always include in the body of the email your contact information, case number and purpose.

Judge Diane D'Agostini
Research Attorney/Judicial Law Clerk: Candace Becker (ext. 123), cbecker@48thdc.us​
Probation Officer: Jennifer MacQuarrie (ext. 174), jmarquarrie@48thdc.us
Criminal Clerk: Lori Garwood (ext. 151), lgarwood@48thdc.us
Civil Clerk: Emily Reynolds (ext. 189), ereynolds@48thdc.us

Judge Marc Barron
Judicial Assistant: Vickie Elliott (ext. 128), velliott@48thdc.us​
Judicial Staff Attorney: Tiffany Thacher (ext. 127), tthacher@48thdc.us 
Probation Officer: Jackie Hemphill (ext. 183), jhemphill@48thdc.us
Criminal Clerk: Jessica Kruczek (ext. 164), jkruczek@48thdc.us​
Civil Clerk: Irene Childs (ext. 144), ichilds@48thdc.us

Judge Kimberly Small
Secretary: Debbie Albano (ext. 121), dalbano@48thdc.us
Research Attorney/Judicial Law Clerk: Erica Clute-Cubbin (ext. 122), ecubbin@48thdc.us
Probation Officer: Andrea Ewer (ext. 187), aewer@48thdc.us
Criminal Clerk: Megan Scholz (ext. 166), mscholz@48thdc.us
Civil Clerk: Jessica Kiser (ext. 158), jkisser@48thdc.us​​​​