Civil Department Adjournment Procedure
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Civil Department Adjournment Procedure

State SealGeneral Civil Adjournment

Requests for adjournments are discouraged; however, will be considered for good cause. All adjournment requests should be made as soon as the conflict is known. Adjournments must be filed at least 48 hours before the scheduled hearing date absent verifiable emergency circumstances.

If the moving party is unable to secure an agreement to adjourn from the opposing side, they must file a motion, Notice to Appear and Proof of Service. A $20 fee must accompany the motion.

Pretrial, Motion, Settlement Conference or Bench Trial

If you ask for an adjournment of a Pretrial, Motion, Settlement Conference or Bench Trial, you must secure an agreement to adjourn from the opposing side and file a Stipulation and Order for Adjournment  MC 309 pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 2.503.
  • Contact the Civil Department for a new hearing date and the date must be in the Stipulation and Order for Adjournment.
  • Stipulation and Order for Adjournment must be signed and dated by both parties to the case and filled out completely. Incomplete forms will be rejected.
  • Mail or fax the copy to the court at 248-647-8955. (If you fax, please do not send an original copy through the mail.)
  • No adjournment is granted unless and until the order is signed by the judge.
  • After adjournment has been granted, a copy of the Stipulation and Order to Adjourn will be mailed to both parties. If you do not receive a copy of the Order to Adjourn, please contact the Civil Department at 248-433-9343 for status of your request.

If the adjournment request is due to a conflicting court date, the judge will follow Michigan Court Rule 2.501(D)(3) in determining whether to grant the request.

Small Claims & Landlord Tenant Adjournment

If you would like to request an adjournment of a Landlord Tenant case or a Small Claims case, please contact the Civil Department at 248-433-9343.