Language Access and Appointment of Language

The Sixth Circuit Court is dedicated to ensuring access for Limited English Proficient (LEP), deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing individuals. The Circuit Court provides language interpreters for individuals who have limited English proficiency or are unable to communicate due to a hearing impairment.

Court Interpreters are officers of the court. Various procedures and code of professional conduct govern interpreter's behavior and ensure that all parties receive full protection under the law.

Foreign language services are addressed by MCR 1.111, Foreign Language Interpreters; Administrative Order 2013-8, Trial Court Requirements for Providing Meaningful Access to the Court for Limited English Proficient Persons; and Local Administrative Order 2013-04J, Language Access PlanInterpreters for the deaf, deaf-blind or hard of hearing are addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Deaf Person’s Interpreter Act.

Certified Local Interpreters

The Oakland County Circuit and Probate Courts have discontinued local testing and qualification of interpreters. However, the courts will maintain a local list tailored from the State Court Administrative Office’s (SCAO) statewide certification as posted on SCAO's website. The courts’ local list may be updated periodically as deemed appropriate. When the need for an interpreter arises, the judge's court clerk or secretary will contact an interpreter from the Local Interpreter List or the Sign Language Interpreter List.

Requesting an Interpreter

To request a Foreign Language Interpreter, please complete the request portion of the Request and Order for Interpreter (MC 81) form.

To request a Sign Language Interpreter, please visit the ADA Request Information Page and submit your request to the chambers of your assigned Judge.

If Your Request is Denied

If you believe that the Court made a mistake in denying your request for a foreign language interpreter, you may request the Chief Judge to review the decision. Please use the Review of Request for Interpreter and Order (MC 81a) form.

If you do not have a case before the Court, you may contact the Court Administrator’s Office for assistance.