Payment Vouchers

Requests and orders for payment of Court-appointed counsel (vouchers/time sheets) will be returned if:

  • An incorrect voucher/time sheet is used. Only the following Oakland County Circuit Court forms will be accepted.
  • The attorney does not sign the voucher/time sheet.
  • The defendant's name does not appear on the voucher/time sheet.
  • The voucher/time sheet does not contain a Prosecutor Order Number. The Circuit Court does not have access to District Court case numbers.
  • The Prosecutor Order Number is incorrect.
  • The assigned Circuit Court Judge's name is not on the voucher/time sheet. Please do not use the District Court Judge's name or the Visiting Drug Judge's name.
  • The case disposition is not stated on the voucher/time sheet. The County does not pay interim fees unless a bench warrant has been issued.
  • The voucher/time sheet has been altered.
  • Dates of service rendered are not listed on the voucher/time sheet or the attorney uses Xs or check marks instead of dates.
  • Adjourned court dates are included on the voucher/time sheet. The County does not pay for motions, pretrials or adjourned court dates. Trial days are paid only if testimony is taken.
  • Probation violations and/or YTA revocations are listed on the wrong section of the voucher/time sheet. Please read the voucher/time sheet carefully.
  • The request is a double billing.
  • All vouchers must have a Vendor ID.
  • All vouchers must have the correct date of appointment.

Voucher/time sheets are occasionally returned for reasons not listed here. A written explanation stating the reason will accompany such a voucher/time sheet.


The following forms are for use in Oakland County by Court Appointed Attorneys, Guardian Ad Litems, or Independent Evaluators:

Trial Level Voucher - Adult
Appeal Voucher - for use only on appeals from District Court to Circuit Court involving criminal matters; commonly referred to as "Prosecutor Appeals"
Paternity Voucher
Retained Out Verification Notice
Attorney Payment Voucher - Juvenile Form CCFJ 1000 Arraignment Voucher
Arraignment Voucher 

Attorney voucher form not available on-line:

MAACS Statement of Service for Appeals from Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court (form CC 400). To obtain this form you must call MAACS directly at 517-373-8002.

Other forms:

Fiscal Services Vendor Registration Packet
Fiscal Services Vendor Change Address Form