Payee Registration

​If you serve as a mediator, court appointed counsel, interpreter, GAL or otherwise provide services to the Court and are paid by Oakland County, you must submit a registration form and a W-9 tax form to Oakland County Fiscal Service. This also applies to attorneys who provide services to the Probate Court and the 52nd District Courts -- anyone who receives payment for services from Oakland County.

You can register by downloading the Fiscal Services Vendor Registration Packet and mailing or faxing it to Oakland County Fiscal Services.

Oakland County Fiscal Services
Executive Office Building
2100 Pontiac Lake Rd
Waterford, Michigan 48328

Phone: 248-858-5489
Fax: 248-452-2148

Packets can also be obtained from the Court Administration Office.

You must register to get paid, so please do so as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Fiscal Services.

Fiscal Services Vendor Registration Packet