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Requesting Records


  • To order court transcripts not filed with the Circuit or Probate court, you must contact the transcription agency directly.  Click [HERE] for a list of the transcription agencies
  • For transcripts already filed with the court's, go to COURT EXPLORER or visit the Oakland County Clerk's Office.
  • For more information on transcripts, click [HERE].

Video Viewing

  • If you wish to submit a request to view video of a court event please complete the Video Viewing Request form.
  • Information on the courts policy that governs access is found in LAO 2021-03.

Document Copies

  • Orders for copies on most public Civil, Criminal, and Domestic cases can be placed online through Court Explorer.
  • To request copies of documents in the court legal file on a Juvenile matter, email JuvenileLegal@Oakgov.com 
  • To request a Certified Copy of a Judgment of Divorce contact MDHHS Vital Records .