Courtroom Technology

     The Oakland County Circuit Court allows for the use of a variety of technology in its courtrooms. Litigants wishing to use presentation equipment must obtain permission of the assigned judge or hearing officer prior to the date of the court event. The court also encourages prior testing of equipment and accommodations can be made to do so through the Judicial Clerks or court Data Technology Office. ​

COVID-19 Jury Trials should complete the Trial Tech Form.pdf 
   To complete the PDF forms above you will need to use a viewer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or a browser that supports the use of fillable forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for many platforms including mobile devices.


     All courtrooms are equipped with audio video recording equipment, video conferencing systems, high definition monitors, speaker phones, electrical outlets, and projector screens.  

The following are available by prior request:

- Projectors

- Assistive Listening Systems

- Laptops

- Audio Amplification Systems

- ELMO Document Cameras

- DVD/CD Players

- Speakers

- Video Adapters

- Presentation Remotes

- HDMI Wireless Video Connectors

- Speaker Phones

- Cellular Internet Access

     Parties wishing to bring in their own equipment or or reserve court owned equipment should contact the chambers of the judge assigned to the case.  

     Please note that a limited number of courtrooms have ceiling mounted projectors which can be used for presentation with approval. The available standard connections are HDMI or VGA.

Internet Access

     Wireless access is available in all courtrooms and public areas however signal strength can vary based equipment, location, and number of connected users. Please plan accordingly if internet access will be required. Wired internet access is NOT available.