Set Aside Conviction

The Michigan Legislature's "Clean Slate" initiative expands the opportunity to set aside a criminal conviction. Some of the most significant changes are listed below.

  • Expanded number of misdemeanor and felony convictions eligible, effective April 11, 2021.
  • Changes in the required time period after conviction to apply.
  • Multiple offenses from the same incident or 24 hour time period may be treated as one offense for purpose of set aside.
  • Expands offense types eligible to be set aside.
  • Automatic set aside of certain qualifying offenses after 7 years (misdemeanor) or 10 years (felony), effective April 2023.
Additional Changes:

If you believe you may qualify for the set aside of a prior conviction with the Circuit Court please find additional linked information below to assist you in your application or email the Oakland County Workforce Development Clean Slate Program at  To order case document copies visit Court Explorer. If your case is marked with a Y in the Archive column of Court Explorer you may email 

to request access to order online. Please allow 2 business days for the request to be processed.