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Oakland County's eFiling is now hosted by MiFILE (powered by TrueFiling), where court documents of the 6th Judicial Circuit Court shall be eFiled. For Customer Care/Technical Support powered by Truefiling please email them or contact 1-855-959-8868. For Oakland County Clerk's Office eFiling assistance please contact 248-452-8643.

Below are a few notable changes to the new MiFILE:

  • Every filer must register. A filer can "connect" with other users to file on behalf of others, to share filing history, and to share payment accounts.
  • If Service is selected during file submission, service on the selected parties is made at the time of submission. The system will generate a Proof of Service document that will be filed into the court file.
  • Payment is applied to the filer's credit card at the time of submission - if a document is rejected, the payment will be refunded.
  • The submitted date will appear as the "received for filing" time stamped date of the document.
  • Filings that are submitted up to 11:59 pm will be accepted as of that business day. Filings submitted after 11:59 pm on a Friday, or a weekend, or if submitted on a holiday, will be accepted the following business day.
  • Statutory document filing fees are subject to a credit card transaction fee up to 3% - all other documents will not be charged any fees.

For more information regarding MiFILE, see the frequently asked questions below or visit the MiFILE website.

Important eFiling Information:

If you need access to a computer or scanner to participate with eFiling, please visit the Oakland County Clerk's E-Services Center, located in the courthouse next to the County Clerk's Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Sessions for MiFILE

Walk-in training is scheduled below at the courthouse or register here for webinar training presented by ImageSoft. Dates are subject to change.