Oakland County Human Resources Directory
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Oakland County Human Resources Directory

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This directory provides resource information for individuals, families, and agencies. 

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Appendix A - Youth Assistance, Oakland County
Appendix B - Early On Of Michigan
Appendix C - Oakland County Project Fund
Appendix D - Head Start Programs
Appendix E - Adult/Continuing/Community Education
Appendix F - Recommended Parenting Books
Appendix G - Websites For Children
Appendix H - Senior Services
Appendix I - Senior Centers/Nutrition Sites, Oakland County
Appendix J - Immunization and Child Health Clinics
Appendix K - National Health Organizations
Appendix L - Self-Help Groups
Appendix M - Community Development and Public Housing Commissions
Appendix N - Youth and Adult Employment Referral Services
Appendix O - Homeless Service Providers
Appendix P - Minority Services
Appendix Q - Volunteers Wanted
Appendix R - Courts
Appendix S - Camps
Appendix T - Parks
Appendix U - Chambers Of Commerce
Appendix V - Public Libraries
Appendix W - A Directory of Directories
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