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The Friend of the Court provides services to parties with minor children involving divorce, family support, interstate and paternity cases. We are involved if your case is heard by the Circuit Court and if there are minor children involved. Our duties are custody, parenting time, and child support. (Read more about the jurisdiction of the Friend of the Court.)

  • Read carefully about how to communicate with the Friend of the Court in Contact. Get names and direct numbers for employees assigned to your case in Family Division Assignments.
  • Friend of the Court Handbook tells you what we do in detail, covering common divorce-related disputes between parties and the Court, and Friend of the Court's role and actions in these disputes.

Suzanne Hollyer, Friend of the Court  
Administrator of all Friend of the Court Operations

Pamela Sala, Chief Assistant Friend of the Court for Administrative Operations
Responsible for Day-to-Day Friend of the Court Operations

Peter K. Dever, Chief Assistant Friend of the Court for Legal Services
Responsible for the Legal Division of the Friend of the Court, Including Matters Handled by Referees and the Custody & ParentingTime Specialist Unit
Jeanette Miracle-Leshan, Chief Assistant Friend of the Court for Financial Operations
Responsible for administrative and child support accounting matters

Julie Izzo, Office Supervisor
Supervision of Front Line Unit: Responsible for Processing Personnel Information for Friend of the Court

Rhonda L. Mohlman, FOC Systems Supervisor
Supervision of Scanning, Help Desk and Data Entry Unit: Main Contact at Friend of the Court for all Computer Operations and Related Projects

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​State of Michigan Child Support Arrears Forgiveness Program
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The New Friend of the Court IVR Phone Number is here!

The Oakland County Friend of the Court has moved to a state-wide IVR system to provide improved customer service!  The new phone number is  (877) 543-2660.  

New Payment Option Available August 8th, 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of PayNearMe - a new payment option for parents to pay their child support with cash at any 7-Eleven or Family Dollar store.  That's more than 17,000 trusted payment locations nationwide!  Visit the website for details on how to use this new service!

Referee Locations for Motion Call on Wednesdays!

MiChildSupport Calculator - This is Michigan's child support calculator. It is used to calculate child support using the Michigan Child Support Formula. Federal laws require the use of a statewide guideline (formula) for calculating child support amounts. State law requires the use of the Michigan Child Support Formula (MCSF) to calculate child support. The support calculation provided by this Calculator is not a support recommendation or a support order.

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