Crossroads for Youth

​Crossroads for Youth is a private facility located in Oxford, Michigan.  The campus includes The Learning Center, a day treatment program, and the Achievement Center.

Crossroads for Youth is licensed as a child care facility by the State of Michigan.  The facility contracts directly with the court to provide the Day Treatment and the Achievement Center programs.

Day Treatment

Day Treatment is an intermediate disposition for those youngsters who have difficulty succeeding in the community, but for whom residential care is not necessary.  This is a six-day per week program, approximately 14 hours per day, with transportation provided to the youth.  The program includes remedial education, individual therapy, and group therapy.  Crossroads for Youth staff and the court caseworker work together to provide services to client families.

Achievement Center

The Achievement Center is a youth residential alternative.  Residents are clothed in uniforms.  Daily activities are highly disciplined, emphasizing physical conditioning.  The youth's education, GED prep, are offered by Oxford Community Schools.  The program emphasizes self-control and shaping behavior, along with group and family therapy.

The typical length of stay in the Achievement Center Program is 4 1/2 months, followed by aftercare.  Youth selected for the program are male delinquents aged 15 to 17, who have been adjudicated.