Juvenile Treatment Court

Options: The Power to Choose is the family-focused juvenile drug treatment court which provides specialized intensive services to youth who are non-violent repeat offenders and have been charged with drug, alcohol or related offenses.

After being assessed as severely substance abusing or chemically dependent, youth are provided with frequent judicial supervision, intensive drug treatment, frequent random drug testing and regular probationary counseling in the Options program. Youth are also expected to attend a recovery support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Smart Recovery meetings as assigned and to abide by the rules of their individual households.

Consequences are administered quickly for non-compliance with court expectations and can include imposition of curfew, community service hours, letters of apology, loss of privileges, home detention and even short-term incarceration.

Rewards are also provided to encourage improvement in self-discipline and performance. These can include increases in freedom, gift certificates, token gifts, and significant public praise. Supports are provided for getting and keeping a job and remaining and performing appropriately in school.

Families of participants are expected to be thoroughly involved in the Options process.

For more information about Options, contact OCTreatmentCourts@oakgov.com by email.