Juvenile Court Intake

The Oakland County Juvenile Court is part of the Oakland County Circuit Court Family Division. Juvenile Court cases are those involving Juvenile Delinquency, Child Protective Proceedings, Juvenile Traffic, Juvenile Guardianships, and Minor Guardianships not heard by the Probate Court. Cases are heard by eight Juvenile Referees and six Family Division Judges. The Juvenile Intake Office is located on the ground floor of the east wing of the courthouse. The telephone number is 248-858-0033.


Juvenile Court Referees conduct hearings and preside over trials involving delinquency and parental abuse and neglect. They review all complaints and petitions referred to the court, evaluate each matter, and make decisions involving diversions or authorization of petitions, including the detention of juveniles and removal of children due to risk of harm. They prepare recommendations of their findings for submission to the Judges. All referees are experienced attorneys and bring special expertise in child welfare law to their profession. Juvenile Referee hearing rooms are located in the east wing of the courthouse on the ground floor and the 1st floor.