Juvenile Casework

​Casework Services is responsible for all delinquency cases authorized for court by the Intake Department, as well as those set for Diversion Conference.  For home truancy and home incorrigibility cases, a Casework Liaison is available to consult with prior to the filing of petitions and referrals are often made for community based resources.  Once a case has been adjudicated, a caseworker prepares a social history report, including corroborative information, which makes recommendations to the court regarding disposition, taking into account both the needs of the child and the protection of the community.

During post-disposition, Casework Services assists in implementing court orders, including the monitoring of probation, restitution orders, community service, parental education, counseling, etc.  They also monitor client compliance or noncompliance with court orders and report to the court on a regular basis, making further recommendations when necessary.

Unlike with adult courts, there are no fixed sentences in the Family/Juvenile Court.  Recommendations from Casework Services, and the resulting court orders decided upon by a referee or judge, involve choosing from among the many programs, services and creative solutions, and consequences available.  Determining the appropriate combination of services and requirements will be unique to each juvenile case in court.  Casework Services is also responsible to consequence or to return juveniles to court when they are not in compliance with the Court order.  This can result in the formulation of new case plans and orders.

Our Central Office is located on the ground floor of the Courthouse Building's East Wing.

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Juvenile Casework:

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