The Adoption Services Unit works with the public and adoption agencies to provide oversight and supervision of adoption petitions and post-adoption information requests.  The professional and support staff are charged with ensuring that the confidentiality of information is maintained and that the adoption process is handled expeditiously as required by law.  The Adoption Services Unit processes adoption petitions for direct placement, agency, adult, stepparent, and relative adoptions.  Adoptions Services also accepts petitions regarding post-adoption matters, including confidential intermediary services. In addition, two permanency coordinators handle a specialized Adoption Permanency Docket and monitor the progress toward adoption permanency for each child.

 Submitting Documents/Pleadings/Materials

You may submit documents/pleadings/materials to the court in following ways:

  1. email documents/pleadings/materials to:
  2. mail or hand deliver the documents/pleadings/materials to

Oakland County Circuit Court

Family Division, Adoption Services

2nd Floor East Wing

1200 North Telegraph Road

Pontiac, Michigan, USA, 48341-0452

 Filing Fees

​Filing fees are due at the time of the interview.

Filing Fee:
$185, payable to Oakland County

Birth Certificate Fee:
$50, payable to State of Michigan (for children born in Michigan and foreign born).
$16, payable to State of Michigan for additional copy of birth certificate

Home study Fee (stepparent and relative adoptions only):
$250, made payable to Oakland County

NOTE: Michigan check or money order shall make a notation on the reference line with the child’s name.

Fees shall be sent to Oakland County Circuit Court, Family Division Adoption Services, 1200 N. Telegraph, Pontiac, MI 48341-0452