Adult Treatment Court

The Adult Treatment Court applies alternative judicial proceedings to chemically abusing and dependent non-violent adult felony offenders in an effort to rehabilitate and then successfully reintegrate them into the community.

Following a thorough assessment to confirm serious substance abuse or dependence, a customized treatment and rehabilitative plan is developed for each participant. In addition to regular therapy to address substance abuse/dependence, participants are subjected to frequent random drug and alcohol screens. Weekly meetings with the probation officer, frequent sessions with the judge and attendance at recovery support meetings such as AA, NA or Smart Recovery meetings are also required. Graduated sanctions are employed when a participant does not comply with court expectations.

In addition to the reward of avoiding incarceration, various incentives for constructive action are built in to facilitate and publicly acknowledge participant progress.

To be eligible, a defendant must be an Oakland County resident amongst other eligibility criteria.  You may contact the Drug Treatment Court by email at for additional information.