Jury Service

The following information applies to Circuit Court jurors only.

Please check your summons for specific court location.

Before you come to the courthouse for jury service, be sure to call the juror information line at 248-294-1063.  A recorded announcement will tell you whether or not you need to report for jury service on a following day.  It is your responsibility to call the jury information line after 5:00 p.m. the day before you are scheduled to appear for jury selection.  You may also check your status online in the eResponse system or by texting 248-294-1063.  You will need your ten-digit candidate I.D. number, which is located in the upper right hand corner of your summons.  If you do not have your ten-digit candidate I.D. number, you will need to call during business hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm, and speak directly to a clerk.

By Court Order, individuals entering the Courthouse are to abide by the following court rules:

  • All individuals must pass through metal detectors and may be searched. Purses, briefcases or other containers may be searched as well.
  • Laptops and tablet-style mobile computing devices are allowed on the initial date of service only.
  • No cameras, cell phones with photographic or video capabilities or any other devices that have camera or electronic recording features are allowed in the building.
  • No weapons or cutting instruments are allowed in the building, such as guns, knives of any size, spray devices (mace, etc.), scissors, knitting needles or sharp-bladed tools (box-cutters, etc.).

Please Note: If you receive a call from anyone claiming to be from Oakland County Circuit Court Jury Office, please be advised that our staff would never call you to ask for social security numbers, credit card numbers or pre-pay card numbers.  We may, however, call to ask for clarification of information you filled out on your returned questionnaire.

Juror Check-In: 8:30 a.m.
Location: Jury Office, 1st Floor
Oakland County Courthouse

Phone: 248-294-1063
Fax: 248-858-8759

Juror Handbook

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