Citizens Alliance Membership Committee and Subcommittees
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Citizens Alliance Membership Committee and Subcommittees

Below is a quick overview of The Citizens Alliance Membership and their Subcommittees.  The Citizens Alliance Committee is comprised of several different subcommittees that members and the public are welcome to join. The Citizens Alliance meets quarterly and subcommittees meet more frequently.  We can always do more with your help!



  • Christine Piatkowski, President
  • (Vacant), Vice-President
  • Michael Hughes, Secretary
  • Sandra Plumer-Dickens, Treasurer


  • Thomas V. Trainer
  • Beverly McDonald
  • Michael Hughes






Jan Carlstenin  Nancy Rebar
Jill Koney Daly    Marsha Moran Sackett
Suzanne Dreifus    Rebecca Schnelz
Philip Fabrizio    Mary Strobe

Tim Flynn   Rachel Trujilo

Henry V. Knight   Gloria Truss
Karen Koshen    Marsha Tuck
Annette Merkson    Camelia Ureche
Danny O'Neill    Carol Winter
James O'Neill, Ph.D.    Dave Wolf
Helene Phillips    






  • Education - Focuses on educating citizens of Oakland County about the judicial system and services provided by the Court.  It also educates the public about available community resources.
  • Community Concerns - Identifies and brings community concerns to the Court's attention.  Children, seniors, and disabled persons are assisted by the advocacy of this subcommittee.
  • Court Development - Assists the Court in the development of community-based programs and court policies, when appropriate.  This subcommittee also assists the courts in identifying resources, solutions to public concerns, and improvements to the functioning of the court system.
  • Membership, Recruitment and Fundraising - Responsible for membership and fundraising activities to assist the Courts with necessary support to carry out its functions.