Citizens Alliance Sponsored Projects
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Citizens Alliance Sponsored Projects

Removing the Mysteries of Probate Court 

Ever wondered what probate is really all about?  Questions regarding wills, trusts, powers of attorney, guardianships, conservatorships, and estate planning will be answered in a dynamic presentation offered by experienced court personnel and professionals that will assist you about the processes of probate court.  The seminars are offered in the spring and fall (about 6 times a year).  CLICK HERE for dates and times. 

Basic Training for Guardians

Legal guardians are appointed to assist a protected individual in situations where a person is unable to care for oneself or cannot make legal decisions on their own behalf.  If you have been appointed or may become a legal guardian, this FREE training is for you.  The training will provide you with the tools that you need to act on behalf of a ward.  Classes are held the second Wednesday of each month and are open to the public.  CLICK HERE for upcoming training dates and location. 

Basic Training for Conservators

Conservators are appointed to assist a protected individual with managing their assets and financial affairs.  Annual accountings must be filed with the Court by a conservator.  Knowing what to do and when to do it is critical to serving as a conservator.  An experienced attorney is available to present information and answer questions about the duties of a conservator.  FREE classes are held the first Wednesday of each month.  CLICK HERE for upcoming dates and locations for this "must attend" seminar.

Speakers Bureau

The Citizens Alliance is comprised of many experienced professionals dealing with a variety of matters.  In order to share our experience, the Citizens Alliance has created a Speakers Bureau.  If your organization, agency or business would like a guest speaker at its next event, call 248-858-0296 to schedule.  If you don't see a topic of interest, please feel free to let us know about any other topic or need and we will try to accommodate your request.  Call and a member of the Citizens Alliance will assist you with making the necessary arrangements for your event.

Topics offered include:

  • Removing the Mysteries of Probate Court
  • Planning Your Estate
  • Serving as a Guardian/Conservator
  • Probate: What Happens After Death
  • Medicaid Qualification
  • Avoiding Living Probate
  • Financial & Medical Powers of Attorney
  • Juvenile Court:  A Reality Check
  • Juvenile Court Abuse and Neglect Matters
  • Juvenile Delinquency Cases
  • Prevention Programs for Juveniles
  • Agency Resources Available to Children
  • Agency Resources Available to Senior Citizens
  • Court Practices and Procedures
  • Legal Guardianship over Non-Custodial Children 

Juvenile Court: A Reality Check Videotape 

The Citizens Alliance has developed a teaching tool in order to familiarize children and their families with the Juvenile Court.  This videotape is available to schools and other community groups interested in viewing what it's like to be involved with the Juvenile Court.  To order a copy, call 248-858-0296.  

Human Resource Directory 

The Human Resources Directory was a listing of service providers offering a variety of resources to Oakland County residents. It contained information on more than 1000 agencies or government entities. This directory is no longer in publication. Please contact the appropriate department or agency for updated information.