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Circuit Court Programs and Services Index

Adult Treatment Court (ATC)
ATC offers the Oakland County Circuit Court a sentencing alternative for non-violent, felony offenders with serious substance abuse problems. This program addresses the underlying substance abuse problems that lead many offenders to engage in criminal behavior.

Custody Evaluations
When custody of a minor child is disputed between parents during a divorce, the Friend of the Court steps in and evaluates who will be awarded custody. Following an investigation, the Friend of the Court considers the "best interest" of the child and prepares a report to help the judge determine who shall be custodian.

Electronic Filing  
A program that allows specified court documents to be filed electronically with a Court. Currently the Probate Court is not accepting electronically filed documents.  The State Court Administrative Office provides a portal for some Circuit Court documents through which they are electronically filed. You can find more information on the Efiling Information web page.  Training on the system is provided in person, online or via video.  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

Options: Family-Focused Juvenile Treatment Court
This grant-funded drug court works with youth who are non-violent, repeat offenders with serious substance abuse problems. Members of the program are provided with close judicial supervision, intensive drug treatment, and support for both employment and school.
Jail Tours
This program provides a brief reality-based experience to 16 and 17-year-old court wards.  For this group of soon-to-be legal adults, the message conveyed by the jail tour is that further offenses can exact a heavy toll on freedom and dignity.

Juvenile Probation Services
Probation, or "conditional community placement," provides judicial and psychological support to the juvenile while involving the offender in community service activities.

Law Day
Law Day is May 1, a national day of observance to celebrate our legal heritage. On this day, we reflect on how our legal system affects the lives of every American and how the freedoms we enjoy would not be possible without an independent judiciary.

Mentors Plus
Oakland County Youth Assistance's Mentors Plus matches caring adults with young people who need a positive adult figure in their lives. Volunteers can choose to work with an at-risk youngster or they may want to become involved in delinquency prevention or intervention. Mentors help guide a young person with minor court involvement back on to the right track.

New Attorney Swearing In
The Oakland County Circuit Court and the Oakland County Bar Association co-sponsor this ceremony, which is held biannually in May and November. The ceremonies, held in the Board of Commissioners Auditorium, recognize approximately 80 inductees taking the oath for admission to the bar.

Parenting Calendar
To assist interested parents and human service providers to know about the various options available throughout the county, Youth Assistance produces a calendar that describes upcoming parenting/family education programs offered by over 100 sources. The calendar is regularly updated as new program schedules are determined. Each program has a contact person and phone number listed.  We strongly encourage parents to call to determine the appropriateness and other specifics of the program before they attend. Youth Assistance does not endorse any of the programs nor guarantee their availability or content.

Parenting Time Mediation Program with the Oakland Mediation Center
Parenting time disputes are most effectively resolved by two parents. The Friend of the Court and the Oakland Mediation Center can assist you in resolving parenting time issues at no cost. Contact your Friend of the Court Family Counselor to see whether your case is appropriate for mediation.

Personal Protection Orders
A personal protection order, or PPO, is an order issued by the Circuit Court.  It may protect you from being hit, threatened, harassed, or stalked by another person.  The PPO may also stop someone from coming into your home or bothering you at work.  It can stop them from buying a firearm or finding your address through school records.  It can also stop them from taking your minor children unless required by the court. 
SMILE (Start Making It Livable for Everyone) Program
SMILE is a one-session program provided by Friend of the Court for separating/divorced parents with minor children. The program provides parents with information regarding the effects of divorce, the needs of their children, and offers help in promoting children's healthy adjustment to divorce.

STAR (Skill Training in Adolescent Relationships) Program
The Court Psychological Clinic provides adolescent group therapy for participants of the Intensive Probation Program for approximately six months. These sessions concentrate on the areas of problem solving techniques, social skill building, and anger restraint training.

STRIDE (Short Term Rapid Intervention and Diversion Effort)
This project provides two days of intensive intervention for youth who are on probation and have committed a technical violation of their probation rules, such as curfew violation, school truancy, etc.  Youngsters participate in work details and didactic programs on retail fraud prevention, anger management and communication skills, while receiving job training and attending group and family counseling sessions.

U-Turn (Turn Your Life Around) Program
The program's intent is to educate youth and their parents about the consequences of crime and the realities of prison life while reinforcing the value of making smart decisions (staying in school, abstaining from drugs and alcohol, making wise choices about peers, employment, parental involvement, etc.) in order to keep youth from having any further contact with the Juvenile Justice System.  The program is a partnership between Oakland County Youth Assistance and the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. 

Youth Assistance
Youth Assistance is a community-based program whose mission is to strengthen youth and families and to prevent and reduce delinquency, neglect and abuse through volunteer involvement.

Youth Community Service As a part of their probation, delinquent offenders are usually ordered to complete 30 to 100 hours of community service. Recruited community agencies agree to provide supervised work opportunities in which youngsters can serve their hours.