Adult Probation (Links)

Adult Probation (Links)

Michigan Department of Corrections:  The goal of the Michigan Department of Corrections is to provide the greatest amount of public protection at the lowest possible cost. It meets its goal by ensuring that criminal justice administrators have the broadest possible array of viable sentencing and sanctioning options, and by ensuring that appropriate supervision is maintained so that Michigan's neighborhoods, families and citizens can be protected. 

The Official State of Michigan Web site: This official homepage informs the public on all the latest news and events happening in the State of Michigan.

The Michigan State Police:  The official homepage of the Michigan State Police, which provides information, links and news.

Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS): This search engine, established by the Michigan Department of Corrections, can track the status of offenders and probationers when provided with adequate information.

Field Operations Administration: This office is responsible for overseeing the operation of local Family Independence Agency offices in each of the 83 counties in the state and provides all services and assistance payments programs to eligible customers.