Honorable Daniel Patrick O'Brien
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Honorable Daniel Patrick O'Brien


Courtroom 2F, Second Floor - Oakland County Courthouse
Telephone: 248-858-7960

Procedural Guidelines for Practice in Judge Daniel Patrick O'Brien's Courtroom

In order to better serve the attorneys and litigants appearing in Judge O'Brien's courtroom, we have adopted the following guidelines. Please advise your clients and staff so that there are no misunderstandings.      

Motions for Summary Disposition

Motions for and hearings on summary disposition are scheduled pursuant to a separate, independent scheduling order issued by the Court, provided that the Motion is timely filed.  Notice of hearing shall indicate that the hearing date will be scheduled by a date determined by the court.  When a motion for summary disposition is e-field, a Judge's copy shall be delivered to chambers prior to the e-file or the e-file will be rejected and must be accompanied by the most recent scheduling order of the court to demonstrate that no motion cut-off date has precluded the filing of the motion.