Honorable Nanci J. Grant

Honorable Nanci J. Grant

In order to better serve the attorneys and litigants appearing in Judge Grant's courtroom, we have adopted the following guidelines. Please advise your clients and staff so that there are no misunderstandings.


Courtroom 4A, Fourth Floor - Oakland County Courthouse
Telephone: 248-858-0358
Fax: 248-975-9795


Judge Grant is a graduate of The University of Michigan and Wayne State University Law School.  She has served on the Circuit Court since 1997.  Previously, Judge Grant was in private practice.  Currently, Judge Grant serves as Chief Judge of the Oakland County Circuit Court as appointed by the Supreme Court of Michigan.  


  • Scheduling conference is held only in case of change of venue.  Status, settlement, and pretrial conference held at request of parties or by the Court’s order.  Telephone conferences allowed but must be approved in advance by the Court.            Judge-On Line:  https://www.oakgov.com/courts/jol
  • The Court utilizes a joint final pretrial order, filed shortly after issuance of scheduling order; due one week before trial.
  • The Court encourages and is open to all forms of ADR. 
  • Arraignments, pretrial, sentence, and violation of probation hearings are held weekly on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.  Utilize the sign-in sheet provided on podium.  The Clerk calls the cases.
  • Arraignment by mail (ABM) submission will be considered with good cause showing.
  • Oral bond motions are not permitted during Criminal Call.  Instead, file a written motion and praecipe the matter to the Court’s motion docket.
  • Criminal bench warrant arraignments are conducted daily at 10:30 a.m.  Call chambers for more information on criminal bench warrants.

Motion Practice

Motions are heard weekly on Wednesday morning. The Judge takes bench promptly at 8:30 a.m.  First come, first served; check-in with clerk. Add-ons are allowed dependent on docket and length of the motion.  Parties are encouraged to arrive with proposed orders, granting / denying the requested relief.
  • Dispositive Motions: Judge Grant follows the Michigan Court Rules for the scheduling of dispositive motions therefore
    no SD scheduling order will be issued. Prior permission must be given by the Court to exceed page limit (see MCR 2.119(A)(2).  A judge’s copy is required of all summary disposition pleadings.
  • Motion for Reconsideration:  A judge’s copy is required. Unless the Court otherwise indicates, no hearing is scheduled and no response is required. (See MCR 2.119(F))
  • Motion to Adjourn: All trial counsel must be present for motions to adjourn, including those that are unopposed.
  • Motions in Limine: Must be heard at least two weeks prior to the date of trial (dependent on compliance with all other scheduling order provisions).
  • Motions for Alternate Service:Must be submitted on approved SCAO form.  A process server affidavit indicating the specific attempts at service (minimum of three attempts, varied in time and day of week) is required. Specific requirements of proposed order include: (1) Certified mail (return receipt requested) to the last known address; (2) Posting/affixing to the last known address; and (3) Publication in the Oakland County Legal News for 3 consecutive weeks.
  • Motions for Second Summons:Must be submitted on approved SCAO form. A 45-day extension will be considered when appropriate.

Temporary Restraining Orders/Injunctions

The Court strictly adheres to the Michigan Court Rules, including MCR 3.310(B)(1).  Please ensure compliance before such a request is brought.


The scheduling order dictates the time for discovery.  It can be extended prior to cutoff by stipulation; after cutoff by motion.  The Court may intervene during depositions if compelled upon showing of good cause. 


  • The docket is computer-generated.  Adjournments are allowed by motion with all parties present for good cause.  A trial brief is due one week prior to trial; all exhibits must be marked and agreed to by the parties.  Exhibits shall be labeled as follows: Plaintiff - numbers; Defense - letters.  The Court requires a bench book of exhibits for bench trials. Motions in Limine must be heard no later than two weeks before trial.
  • Trial days are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Court requires proposed findings in bench trials.  The Court conducts initial voir dire; counsel participates.
  • Preliminary jury instructions must be submitted to the Court on plain paper, without citation to case law, no later than noon of the business day preceding the scheduled date of trial.  The jury is generally charged after final argument.  Upon request, the jury may take notes in lengthy matters and into jury deliberations. 


Follow court rules for license restoration; district court appeals as per court rules.