Honorable Leo Bowman

Honorable Leo Bowman


Courtroom 4C, Fourth Floor - Oakland County Courthouse
Telephone: 248-452-2005

Orders Presented for Judge's Signature

  • Signatures: Original signatures must appear on all orders. Clients and attorneys must both sign orders (if applicable).
  • True Copies: The Court will process four true copies of each order signed, or as many true copies as there are parties, whichever is greater.
  • Returning Orders: True copies of orders will be mailed if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided with the order. If an envelope is not attached, true copies will be held for five business days.  Because of space constraints, orders cannot be held for a longer period.  If orders are not picked up, the original order will be filed and the true copies will be discarded.
  • Alternate Service Orders and Orders for Second Summons: Alternative service orders and Orders for second summons must include a motion, an official post office verification of the party’s legal address, and affidavit of at least three prior service attempts, and will not be signed without all of the above requirements.  Orders for second summons also require a showing of good cause.  If a summons is expired, a motion must be filed and set upon the Court’s motion call docket.  

Motion Practice

  • Check-In Procedure: Motions are heard at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday mornings.  Hearing dates are set by the moving party.  Check-in for motion call begins at 8:30 a.m.  No one will be allowed to check in later than 9:30 a.m.  If an attorney needs to leave the courtroom for any reason, the attorney must notify the clerk when the attorney leaves and returns so that the case is not called.  Failure to notify the clerk will result in the case being called at the end of the motion call docket.  Due to the volume of motions that are scheduled, all motions must be ready to be heard with all parties present in the courtroom no later than 11:30 a.m.
  • Judge's Copy of Motions and Briefs When you submit your motions or briefs, and/or exhibits by way of eFile for the Court’s review, you must also submit a Judge’s copy to chambers if your entire document exceeds 40 pages.  A Judge’s copy of the motions/briefs/exhibits must be delivered to the chambers no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the scheduled hearing date if it exceeds 40 pages.  Additionally, this policy pertains to the submission of responses.  All responses (including exhibits) that exceed 40 pages must be submitted to chambers no later than noon, Monday before the scheduled hearing date.  The Court reviews all motions and responses prior to the hearing.  (Note: Judge Bowman’s chambers cannot guarantee receipt of pleadings left in the County Clerk’s Office.)
  • Late Filed Praecipes: Praecipes must be filed timely and accurately in order to have your motion placed on the docket.  A filed Notice of Hearing alone is insufficient to place your motion on the Court’s docket.  No add-ons are accepted.  
  • Non-appearance at Motion Call:  Pursuant to MCR 2.119(C), if the moving party of a praeciped motion has not checked in with the clerk by 9:30 a.m., the Court may dismiss the motion.  In addition, the Court will assess a $100 sanction against the movant pursuant to MCR 2.119(E)(4)(b).  If the non-moving party has not checked in with the clerk by 9:30 a.m., the clerk shall call the case upon the request of the moving party and the Court may grant the requested relief, if appropriate. 
  • Adjourning Motions: Judge Bowman's chambers must be notified by the moving party when a motion is being adjourned.  MCR 2.119(E)(4)(b) states, unless excused by the court, the moving party must appear at a hearing on the motion.  If chambers is not notified, by phone or in person, by 4:00 p.m. the Tuesday prior to a scheduled motion that the motion is dismissed, adjourned or settled, the court rule shall be considered violated and costs will be assessed against the moving party.  Notice is not considered proper by filing a re-praecipe with the General Clerk's office only.  Motions may only be adjourned a total of two times.  Thereafter, the motion must be updated and refiled.  Due to storage limitations, if you reschedule your motion, you will need to file new Judge’s copies of the pleadings.  All Judge’s copies will be discarded after motion call.

Motion Practice for Specific Types of Motions

  •  Ex Parte Motions and Orders:  Ex Parte motions will not be granted unless specific reasons are included for their necessity.  Ex Parte Orders are rarely granted when each party is represented by counsel.
  • Emergency Motions: A request for an emergency hearing may be submitted anytime with the notice of hearing date to be set by the Court.  To be considered, a written motion explaining the request must be filed and a Judge’s copy submitted to the Court.  Upon review of the emergency motion, the Court will enter an Order denying the request, enter an Order granting the requested relief, or notify the moving party regarding the hearing date and time.
  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Preliminary Injunction: All requests for TROs must be made pursuant to the court rules and case law. The Court may grant ex parte relief under MCR 3.310 if the pleadings warrant such relief.  The Court shall set a show cause hearing on the matter to determine whether to grant a preliminary injunction in the place of a TRO.
  • Motions for Reconsiderations: A Judge’s copy of the motion must be delivered to the chambers for it to be considered.  Pursuant to the court rules, the Court will not consider a non-moving party’s response and will not hear oral arguments on the motion unless it enters an Order allowing a response and setting a hearing date.
  • Motion for Entry of Default Judgment: All motions for entry of default judgment must be scheduled for a hearing on a motion day and should be scheduled as soon as the moving party believes that the criteria is met.
  • Motions for Pro Hac Vice Admissions of Counsel: A motion for pro hac vice admission of counsel must be accompanied by a recommendation, a proper affidavit in which the counsel accepts jurisdiction of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct and its enforcement, and agreement that all notices to represented party are sent to in-state counsel.  Further, this Court requires a letter from the State Bar of Michigan stating that the individual paid the appropriate admission fees.
  • Motion to be Excused from E-filing and Waiver of Fees: A motion to be excused from eFiling and waiver of fees must include all documentation or evidence to support the individual’s request.  It is not sufficient to merely submit a one-page motion.
  • Request for Evidentiary Hearing: If an issue involves a factual dispute, a motion must be filed in order to request an evidentiary hearing before the Court.

Summary Disposition Motions

  • Summary disposition motions are scheduled pursuant to separate, independent scheduling directives.  Praecipes relating to summary disposition motions must indicate that the hearing date will be scheduled by a date determined by the Court and must be accompanied by the moving party's motion and brief. To ensure timeliness, parties should submit the most recent scheduling order demonstrating that the motion adheres to the dispositive motion cut-off date.  Parties are encouraged to file summary disposition motions well in advance of their dispositive motion cut-off date in order to ensure availability on the Court’s docket.
  • Summary disposition motion dates are scheduled by Victoria King, the Judicial Staff Attorney, who can be contacted at 248-452-9183.
  • The Court issues independent brief schedules for summary disposition motions.


  • Adjournments: ANY and ALL adjournments must be requested via motion.  The Court does not accept stipulated orders of adjournment, no exceptions.
  • Consent Judgments: The Court requires all civil settlement agreements to be put on the record.  All parties must be present.
  • Jury Instructions and Verdict Forms in a Civil Trial: A stipulated set of jury instructions and verdict form must be filed and a Judges’ copy provided to the Court no later than seven days prior to trial.  Failure to file stipulated jury instructions in cases that go to trial may result in a dismissal or a default in the pending matter.  Any disputed jury instructions or verdict form must be clearly marked and also submitted seven days prior to trial.  When a party disputes a jury instruction or verdict form, parties must submit authorities in support and opposing the jury instruction or verdict form.  The attorneys shall provide an electronic copy of the jury instructions including verdict form to the Chambers on the date of trial.
  • Jury Instructions and Verdict Forms in a Criminal Trial: The Prosecutor must provide a set of jury instructions and verdict form on plain paper and in electronic form to the Court on or before the day of trial.  The Defendant must review the jury instructions and notify the Judicial Staff Attorney regarding any objections.
  • Voir Dire: All proposed voir dire questions shall be filed and a Judge’s copy submitted to the Court for review and approval within 14 days of trial.  The Court conducts voir dire questions in a civil matter.  Failure to submit proposed voir dire questions within 14 days of trial shall constitute a waiver by counsel of the opportunity to have the Court address the areas during jury selection.
  • Exhibits: Counsel should stipulate to as many exhibits as possible BEFORE the scheduled trial date.  Exhibits should be marked (Plaintiff – numbers; Defendant – letters) prior to trial.  Counsel should come prepared with extra copies of all proposed exhibits.


  • Judge’s copies of appellant’s and appellee’s briefs MUST be delivered to the Court.
  • Oral arguments for appeals are scheduled by Victoria King, the Judicial Staff Attorney.
  • The Court issues independent brief schedules for all appeals.

Courtroom Decorum

  • Anyone appearing in courtroom must be dressed appropriately.  Those dressed inappropriately risk having their case not heard or be removed from the courtroom.  If you have any questions, please see a clerk.
  • Cell phones, pagers or any electronic devices with an alert notice must be turned off prior to entering the courtroom.  Any cell phone that rings while the Court is in session will be confiscated immediately and will become property of the Court.
  • The Court reviews all motions, responses, exhibits, and other documentary (e.g., letters related to sentencing) support prior to motion call and criminal call.  Therefore, the Court only accepts documentation for its review during oral argument in very unique circumstances.
  • Please be advised that all media requests must be received AT LEAST three days in advance.

Funeral Request

  • Funeral request must be submitted to the chambers three days prior to the funeral.  No request to attend a funeral will be granted on the day of the funeral;
  • Funeral request by fax to chambers is not allowed - no exceptions;
  • Funeral request must come from the Defendant and not a family member;
  • All documents are to be submitted to chambers by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the request;
  • You must provide the obituary or a letter from the funeral home on their letterhead with the following information: date, time, location (city, state, zip code), intermittent – location, repast – location
  • Must provide Defendant’s home address (defendant must reside there, if allowed to be released on personal bond, no exceptions)
  • Release is only granted for immediate family members (mother, father, brother, sister, grandparents) only, no exceptions.
  • At the discretion of the Court, you may be required to adhere to the following procedures below:
    1. Attend funeral only, two Oakland County Sheriffs must accompany defendant (more sheriffs may be assigned depending on charge) and defendant will remain in shackles
    2. the family must pay $43.05 per hour, per deputy and .50 per mile to and from funeral home
    3. the funeral must be held in Oakland County (no exceptions)
    4. the family must go over to the jail and place the money in the inmates account before they can leave
    5. a court order must be submitted within 24 hours prior to the funeral to OCS by faxing it to booking (248-858-4037) and detention (248-858-4397)
    6. all other questions should be submitted to Deputy Smith at 248-452-2023