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Circuit Court Information & Publications

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Access to Justice
Court ADA Accommodations 
SCAO ADA Resources
Foreign Translation Forms SCAO
Language Access and Appointment of Language

Bail/Bond Information
Bail Bondsmen List 
Oakland County Sheriff Bond Inf​ormation  

6th Circuit Court Administration Orders
Local Administrative Orders

6th Circuit Court Policy

Policy Regarding Admission of Cell Phone and Other Technology into the Courthouse

Circuit Court Caseflow Plan
      Circuit Court
      Circuit Ct-Family Div 

Circuit Court Structure
Court History

Court Appointed Attorneys
Attorney Fee Schedules 
CAA Vouchers
Criminal Assignment Committee
Request a Court Appointed Attorney

Court Jobs
Employment Opportunities here
SCAO Openings
Volunteer Options

Self Represented Litigants
Glossary of Legal Terms
Local Court Rules
Michigan Legal Help Website
Oakland County Forms
SCAO Approved Forms
SCAO Self Help Center


Annual Reports
Caseload Statistical Information
Mediation Information  
News & Press Releases