Administrative Orders of the Court: 2000 - 2005
Oakland County, MichiganCourtsCircuit CourtAdministrative Orders of the Court: 2000 - 2005

Administrative Orders of the Court: 2000 - 2005

NOTE:  "J" in the order number denotes a joint administrative order between Circuit and another court.

00-03J Administrative Merger of 6th Circuit and Oakland Probate Courts
01-02J Order Regarding Security Policies for Court Facilities (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2003-09J)
01-03 Local Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Plan (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2003-05)
01-06 Method for Assigning General Civil and Criminal Cases in the Circuit Court (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2006-01)
01-07 Transfer of Collection Responsibility for Certain Fees in domestic Relations Matters
02-01J Selection of Case Evaluators and Case Evaluation Panels  (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2017-05J)
02-02 Hours of Court and Chambers Coverage
02-03 Public Access to Court Records (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2006-15)
02-04 Judicial Staff Attire
03-01 Children Absent Without Legal Permission
03-02J Method for Assigning Cases in the Family Division of Circuit Court
03-04 Order Directing Friend of the Court to Transfer Bank Account Funds to MiSDU
03-07​ Plan for Appointing lawyers to Represent Indigent Defendants in Criminal Cases (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2014-07)
03-09J Order Regarding Security Policies for Court Facilities (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2006-10J)
04-02 Plan for Appointment of Counsel for Indigent Parties-Family Division
04-03 Remote Hearings on Support and Parenting Time Bench Warrants
04-05 Access to Friend of the Court Records (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2014-03)
04-06 Caseflow Management Plan (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2011-04)
04-07​ Outside Employment of Court Employees
05-02 Electronic Document Filing Prototype Project 
05-03J Digital Video Recording of Court Proceedings (Rescinded by Administrative Order 2006-09J)
05-05J​ Circuit Court Arraignments in the 52nd District Court
05-07J Circuit Court Arraignments in District Court (51st)