E-Filing Fees Frequently Asked Questions
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E-Filing Fees Frequently Asked Questions

Is the e-filing fee a standard transaction amount?

Yes, this is the standard fee paid directly to Tyler that is applied according to the type of E-Filing transaction.  The e-filing fee is applied to each filing that will be docketed separately.
The e-filing transaction fees are: 
Type Of Filing 
EFO (e-file only)
$ 2.50
EFS (e-filing with service)
$ 5.00
SO (service only)
$ 2.50

What is the service fee?

Tyler applies a 3% service fee to the total amount of the transaction to cover credit card processing fees.
What happens if the document has no statutory fee, such as a brief? Is there still a fee for this transaction?
Yes.  You will be charged the standard e-filing fee, along with 3% service fee.

Is it necessary to have a firm credit card?

Yes.  The Firm Administrator will enter the specific card(s) information in the system and provide a name for the account.  Multiple credit cards can be added to the firm account.  It will be up to all other users in the firm to select the named account when they submit a transaction.  The firm can choose to use American Express, Discover Card, Master Card or Visa.

Will there be a receipt for the fees paid?

Yes, the Details screen can be printed for use as a receipt.  In the E-File Queue, click the details link for the transaction.  The Detail includes several lines devoted to communication from the bank, including a total amount and the status of the financial transaction.

If we intend to e-file on a regular basis, can we set up an alternate billing option?

Other billing options are available depending on the volume of your E-Filing transactions.  Please contact Tyler to discuss your invoicing options.