E-Filing Documents Frequently Asked Questions
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E-Filing Documents Frequently Asked Questions

Does the E-Filing System accept only PDF documents?

Yes, your document must be in .pdf format for submission to the efiling application.

Can I file multiple pleadings - such as a brief and motion - in one transaction?

Yes, multiple filings can be submitted in one transaction, also known as an "envelope".  A transaction can hold multiple lead documents and each lead document can have multiple attachments.  Everything submitted in a transaction will have the same timestamp.  The filing fees will be calculated accordingly.  Transaction fees may vary depending on the contents of the transaction.

What is the maximum file size that can be electronically submitted?

There are no file size restrictions.

If I scan my documents, what setting should I use on my scanner?

Documents should be scanned in black and white, with a maximum of 200 dpi.  The page size should be 8 1/2 X 11.

What if I need to withdraw an e-Filing from being posted on the E-Filing System?

After a filing has been submitted but before the Court's review has begun (during the submitted and Pending statuses), a Cancel option will be available for that filing in your E-File Queue.

Will I have access to the documents that I file in the system?

Yes, by using the E-File Queue, you will be able to find and view information concerning electronic filings that have been submitted to the E-Filing System through your username or by any member of your firm.  After a transaction is completed, you will be able to access a PDF version of your filing through the system.  This PDF version will be "read-only" - it can no longer be modified.