E-Filing Administrator Frequently Asked Questions
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E-Filing Administrator Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the administrator?

Every firm needs to designate a person to administrate the E-Filing system.  Even if there is only one user, there must be a designated Firm Administrator.  The Administrator must initially register the firm on the system and will have administrative rights to set up and maintain all data as to users, credit card accounts and attorneys at the firm.  A firm may have multiple administrators but, rather than having separate accounts, they will share a username/password combination for the firm administrator account.  However, only one person may be logged in as the Administrator at any given time.

What is the Firm ID?

Each firm will be assigned a Firm ID during the registration process.  The Firm ID serves as the common identifier of all users in the firm so that filing transactions can be accomplished and viewed by anyone at the firm.  In firms with multiple office locations, it is possible to have a single Firm ID or multiple Firm IDs, according to firm preference.  Because users with the same Firm ID can review everything filed by their firm, different Firm IDs might be desirable to avoid potential conflicts of interests.

What if I am pro per (self-represented litigant)?

A pro per will need to register as a firm administrator.  You will still be required to have a firm ID, which can be your last name.  You will then need to add yourself to the attorney list, listing your P-number as 00000.

Do the passwords expire? What if I forget my password?

There is no requirement that users must periodically change their passwords.  The Firm Administrator is able to reset passwords, if necessary.  Further, if you cannot remember your Firm ID, Username or Password, you may contact Tyler Technical Support at 1-800-297-5377 for assistance