Frequently Asked Questions -- Case Management Office: Caseflow
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Frequently Asked Questions -- Case Management Office: Caseflow

How do I file a motion?

You must file a written motion, accompanied by a $20.00 filing fee with the Clerk's Office (on the ground floor of the Courthouse). In order to have the motion placed on the docket, a praecipe must be filled out and filed in the Case Management office on the 2nd floor or the County Clerk's Office on the ground floor by 4:30 p.m. one week before you want it heard.

What is a praecipe?

A praecipe is a document used to put a motion on the miscellaneous motion call docket on Wednesday mornings.  To obtain a copy of this form, you can download it. 

Is my motion on the docket?

For attorney and party convenience, the motion docket is printed weekly in the Legal News.
When are bench warrants heard?
Bench warrants are heard at 3:00 p.m. each day by the Chief Judge or her designee.

How do I find out where my visiting judge is located?

/courts/circuit/pages/links/link_county.aspx  Generally, the Judge's clerk will call the parties a day or two before the trial to share information, including the Judge's location.  Otherwise, stop in at the Case Management office for your visiting Judge's location, or ask one of the Sheriff's Deputies as you go through security.

How do I get a marriage license?

The County Clerk has information regarding marriage licenses. Visit their Web site or call 248-858-0581.

What if I can't make my jury appointment?

The Jury Office can help you regarding this problem. Visit their Web site or call 248-858-0029.