Adoptions Frequently Asked Questions
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Adoptions Frequently Asked Questions

How can my spouse adopt my child?

Your spouse can adopt if you are married and if the non-custodial birth parent of the child consents to the adoption or has their parental rights terminated. The complete instructions for a step parent adoption are on this website: Step-parent adoption requirements.

How can I adopt my grandchild/nephew?

You can adopt your relatives through the adoption services department. The court staff will complete your "home study" and assist you with the process if you are a relative as defined in the adoption code. The complete instructions are on this website: Relative adoption requirements. 

Can I adopt a person who is over the age of 18?

Yes, an adult adoption can be completed through the adoption services department.  The complete instructions are on this website:  Adult adoption requirements.

How can I obtain a Michigan Birth Certificate or Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth for my child who was adopted in a foreign country?

You can file the paperwork to create a Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth through adoption services.  The complete Instructions are on this website:  Delayed Registration of Foreign Birth.

How can I obtain my original birth certificate?

The adoption code allows you to obtain your original birth certificate if your former (birth) parents' rights were terminated prior to May 28, 1945, or after September 12, 1980. 

How can I find information about my birth parents?

If there was an agency involved in your adoption, please contact them first.  The adoption codes allow an adoptive parent, adult adoptee, former parent or adult former sibling to request a Confidential Intermediary search be conducted.  Please contact adoption services for more information. 

How can I obtain my adoption records, since I need them to get a passport?

If born in Michigan, you will need to contact Vital Records in Lansing to request a new copy of your birth certificate with the delayed date removed. Their office can be contacted by phone at (517) 335-8660.
The court can also provide a verification letter, please contact adoption services on how to obtain this. 

How can I obtain an adoption decree for social security?

Adoption services can provide you with a verification letter.  Please contact our office on how to obtain this.
Adoption Services can be contacted at (248) 858-0030 for any additional questions.