Psychological Clinic

Psychological Clinic

The Court Psychological Clinic is responsible for providing clinical forensic evaluations of children and families to aid the Court in making informed disposition decisions in delinquency and in neglect/abuse cases.  

The staff includes one full-time and part-time licensed psychologists and contractual consultants who conduct testing and prepare reports for the Court.  Staff are available for consultations with attorneys, hearing officers, caseworkers, and Friend of the Court family counselors. They also present expert testimony as required.

What to expect

Psychological evaluations usually consist of an interview and the administration of a number of psychological tests.  The psychologist doing the evaluation will also review the court file and other documents as appropriate, will speak with individuals familiar with the person being evaluated and will consult with the caseworker or family counselor assigned to the case.

Evaluations are typically scheduled in half-day blocks of time and usually take four to five hours.  If the child is detained at the Children's Village, the evaluation will be done there.

Psychological Reports 

The findings of the psychological evaluation are presented in a written report, a copy of which goes to the judge or referee.  The caseworker or caseworkers involved also receive a copy of the report.  

In all cases, individuals who have been evaluated can request to meet with the clinician who conducted the evaluation to have the findings of the evaluation explained to them.  The psychological reports are confidential documents and the information they contain is considered to be very sensitive.

Release of Psychological Reports

Occasionally schools, treating therapists or other professionals request a copy of the evaluation done by our clinic to aid them in planning for the child or family.  Upon receipt of an appropriate release of information, and approval by the judge, the clinic may send a copy of the report to the professional or agency designated on the release or otherwise respond as directed.