Case Evaluation

Case Evaluation

The Case Management Office is also responsible for the court's case evaluation program. Case evaluation is used as a method of settling disputes before going to trial. A panel of three attorneys reviews a case and decide how much money the case is worth. Cases set for case evaluation are pooled into a single system for evaluator panels.

The Case Evaluation Department schedules case evaluation hearings for civil cases pursuant to MCR 2.403. The Case Evaluation Department also processes adjournments of case evaluation hearings.

Case Evaluation Summaries

The Case Evaluation Department receives and files case evaluation summaries for mediators. Each party must file three copies of their summary 14 days before their case evaluation date. THE CASE EVALUATION DEPARTMENT WILL NOT ACCEPT DOCUMENTS FOR FILING AFTER 4:30 P.M.

Late summaries are subject to a late fee.


Case evaluation and adjournment fees are collected by the Case Evaluation Department. The Case Evaluation Department actively collects late fees and penalties. Checks should be made payable to "Circuit Court Case Evaluation" and forwarded to:

Case Evaluation Department
1200 North Telegraph Road Dept. 404
Pontiac, Michigan 48341-0404

Orders for Adjournment

Orders for adjournment of mediation or case evaluation must address several issues:

  • A specific date cannot be put into the order. If the parties need a specific date, they may include language in their order indicating which week or two of the month they prefer -- NOT A SPECIFIC DAY.
  • Adjournment costs must be addressed in the adjournment order. If costs are assessed or waived by the judge, it must be stated in the order. If costs are assessed, the Case Evaluation Department needs to know the amount and the parties responsible for payment of the costs. The parties should take their check with the signed order to the Case Evaluation Department. The adjournment order will not be processed without payment of the assessed costs.

 Adjournment Fees

Adjournment fees are automatically assessed against parties who have not complied with the court rule that requires 14 days' notice of adjournment before case evaluation. MCR 2.403 H (5) (b). If the adjournment of case evaluation extends beyond trial or does not permit 28 days acceptance/rejection of case evaluation, the adjournment of the trial date must also be addressed by the order.

To obtain a copy of an Oakland County Circuit Court Case Evaluator Application or the Guidelines for Evaluators, please contact the Oakland County Bar Association.