Case Management: Glossary

Case Management: Glossary

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - A process that parties can use to reach their own agreement without going to court or trial.

Arraignment - A hearing by the court at which the defendant is informed of the charges against him or her, is appointed counsel if necessary, and is permitted to plead to the charges.  Pretrial motions may be made and bond is set.

Case Evaluation (formerly known as "Mediation") - A method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which a panel places a dollar value on the case.  A case evaluation is comprised of three attorneys (a neutral, a plaintiff, and a defense).  Case evaluators read case summaries and hear an oral presentation from each party and assign a monetary value for the case.

Docket - A written list of all important acts done in court in the conduct of an individual case from beginning to end.

Mediation  (formerly known as "Facilitation") - A method of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in which a single, neutral mediator facilitates a settlement between the parties.

Mediator - A mediator helps parties discuss their case and try to come to a mutual agreement in order to settle the case.  A mediator is a neutral person that is only involved to encourage the parties to come up with their own solution to the conflict.

Motion - A petition requesting the Court to grant specific relief.

Praecipe - A form used to schedule a motion to be heard on miscellaneous motion day.